S. (osirusbrisbane) wrote,

Problem Solvers ...ish (I have a new podcast!)

My old friend Lex and I have launched a new humorous advice podcast called:

Problem Solvers ...ish

We've just posted our fifth episode, so you can follow that link to hear us solve listener problems ranging from racism to dick pics. And we'd especially love if you have any problems for us to solve, if you click through on the site and leave us an anonymous voice message online with your problem for us to use in a future episode. Don't leave your name, because we want to play the voice message on the podcast. Truth be told, our queue of listener messages is now empty, so it would be awesome to have that not be the case when we go to record next week.

Do please feel free (encouraged, even!) to share the link with your friends and acquaintances who might enjoy such a thing.
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