Between poetry, comedy, and stories, it turns out I have some stage time this summer. Been doing a bit of each, finally qualified for the WordxWord poetry slam over the weekend, so I'll be doing more poetry in August.

Meanwhilst, I'm hosting a FREE comedy open mic this Thursday evening (7pm) at the Parlor Cafe in North Adams, preparing for my appearance at a show in Northampton next month.

Sunday I'm competing in a WordxWord story slam qualifier in North Adams, and then on Monday I plan to compete in a Story Slam in Williamstown.

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Just read a news article via Facebook to learn that one of the rappers I most enjoyed freestyling with at the nerd rap convention last decade was recently arrested for armed burglary. (Back at the convention in 2009, I think he mentioned he'd been arrested for petty theft.) I was going to make a joke about something something cred, but mainly I'm just sad; he seemed like a nice guy.

Unrelatedly, my most recent column is about Hobbies.

The Alumni Fund

If you, like me, received half a dozen emails from the Alumni Fund earlier this month, you are the target demographic for my latest column. The rest of you may enjoy it anyway:
The Pun Also Rises: The Alumni Fund

I think this is the last week of winter. Then it will be time for me to start going outside for regular walks again. If any of you want to join me occasionally, that'd be cool.

A discussion of academy awards on my boardgame chat list got me thinking -- there are separate awards for best actor and best actress, but it's not as if the honorees are doing different things. Someone said they were irritated by the separation, as if the separate awards were to say "You did pretty good... for your gender." But if the awards were merged into a single Best Actor award that included female actors, if the awards were dominated by a single gender, would that be better than the current system? I suppose one could have quotas to try to avoid that, but I'm not sure that's better than the current system either. I don't actually care about the academy awards, but as usual, I'm picking a specific irrelevant case in an attempt to derive general principles.

Arise, Ye Walk From Hibernation

Finally got out for a walk today, for the first time in four months. Nearly slipped and injured myself many times (a few of which just in our deathtrap driveway), but hopefully in another week or two the ice will melt and I can get back to walking on a more regular basis. I feel better -- physically and mentally -- when I do so.

While I am eager for winter to end for that reason, tonight we were reminded that the downside of warmer weather is more idiots in the street in front of our house shouting and yelling. As they say, "If it's idiot season, why can't we hunt them?"

If you didn't catch my most recent column, in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday last week, a Seussian look at some recent headlines, with close parodies of 4 different Seuss books: Headline Seuss

Two weeks from today, Thursday 26th, I'll be hosting my monthly comedy open mic at the Parlor Cafe. It's free, so if you enjoy watching live comedy more than you enjoy paying money (or if you want to try some material yourself!), you are welcome to attend.

There's nothing like it

Last night was our first comedy open mic at our local coffee house (The Parlor Cafe, for you locals), and it was a great success. Even though the NY comedians said they couldn't come, and the Northampton comedians said they could and would be there and then didn't show, we still had 3 local comics in addition to myself, as well as a few mcla kids who were willing to try out telling a joke or two.

It had been a bit since I'd done a comedy set, but there's still nothing quite like the feeling of successful live performance. Although I hope there's one thing like it: My performance tomorrow night.

Meanwhilst, in my latest column I explain everything you need to know about Salad.

Crappy New Year!

I haven't posted much to LJ of late, even though I ostensibly like it better than FB. Maybe I'll be better about that this year. I've been especially not great at keeping up with my humor columns, so if you haven't caught the last few:

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Bard-Mitzvah: A Shakespearean Travelogue (I will admit to being particularly fond of this one.)

Hullabaloo and New Years parties were all lovely as usual, I enjoyed seeing people and as usual wish we had more time to hang out, and as usual my intentions for the new year are to spend more time gaming, walking, writing, and friending (that is, interacting in a pleasurable manner with friends, not adding people on facebook).

Meanwhile it's cold out, our driveway is ice, the_star_fish is sick with a broken car, extremists murdered a bunch of satirists in France, in reprisal other extremists attacked random Muslims (and Jews), race relations in this country continue on their fantastic path, and I'm giving myself a pass on the fact that yesterday I decided to eat a few bowls of chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It's times like this one really appreciates the concept of hibernation.

Heathen Hullabaloo!

For those of you not on Facebook but still here (which I'm sure isn't many, but whatever): As usual, I'll be hosting my big Heathen Hullabaloo on the evening of December 25th. If you're not celebrating Christmas (or even if you did earlier and will be done before dinner), you're welcome to join me and an motley assortment of my friends from various spheres for Oriental Buffet (next to Price Chopper in NA) at 6pm.

If that's no good for you, dear friend, let's try to get together for food and conversation sometime before next Christmas. If we do so in summer it can even be a picnic! (Although certes this should not stop us from also hanging out before then, since pretty much every year my new year's resolution is "spend more time with my awesome friends", and this year will be no exception.)

7th annual Alphabetic Boardgaming Challenge!

So, as many of you know, every year the_star_fish and I have a boardgaming marathon where we spend a long weekend playing a boardgame for every letter of the alphabet. If this sort of thing interests you at all, you can follow along my liveblogging through Monday over at BoardGameGeek. If you dislike puns and boardgames, probably you should avoid clicking that link.
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Putting Pragmatism Before Principle...

Is something I believe should never be done.

But then it turns out to be much easier to ignore that belief in practice when things get tricky, which is appropriate. Sometimes it means that I must acknowledge the problem, and redouble my commitment to live up to my principles in the future. But equally often, when pragmatism triumphs over principle, it's a probportunity for me to reconsider my principles and see if they need to be tweaked.

Anyway, clearly the correct follow-up to that subject line would be:
...is good practice when alphabetizing.

I guess I haven't posted since WxW, which was (as always) an amazing experience. Here's a story about a job info session that I told in the Story Slam. My most recent column is Back to School Tips.