S. (osirusbrisbane) wrote,

Ramblin' across Western Mass

the_star_fish has been heroically taking her free days off of work to drive me all over Western Mass. You can get a vague sense of how that goes in my most recent column.

I should probably write some new jokes, since I'm hosting a comedy open mic on the 15th and then apparently the entertainment for a Halloween party later in the month. My problem is that the jokes I find funniest tend to be funny only to me, and occasionally Debbie. Example: On our road trips, every time we entered Hadley, I said in my best Harvey Korman impression, "It's Hadley." As this is not funny to anyone who isn't a Blazing Saddles fan, and doesn't really translate to print, I couldn't put it in my column. But it made us laugh. And much as I enjoy performing comedy for a room full of people, sometimes the most rewarding thing is to make one person you love laugh a lot.

I don't mean to post so much about being happy and in love; I could also mention my back has hurt somewhat of late and my lack of income remains a looming issue.
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Being happy and in love is great :) I tend to post too much in the other direction - "here is a dilemma/problem I have, everybody listen to me and maybe give me advice," and less of the appreciation of stuff. I like reading that my friends are happy, though I hope your back feels better, and I definitely hear you on the looming issue of lack of income. It looms for me too.
I dunno, social media is weird for me. I feel equally guilty posting bad things (I complain too much!) or good things (I brag too much!). I've settled on being okay with shameless self-promotion, and then figure I can usually balance some bad and good. I know it's been a tough decision for you lately with the other job, but now that you've made a decision hopefully you'll enjoy it, and if that stops being the case, then you'll make a new decision.