The more things stay the same, the more they stay the same.

Welp, haven't posted here in a while. Perhaps because I have nothing to say. Although I guess it's been so long that LJ has not seen mention that I moved from my house of 13 years, to another house in town.

Since then, for the past half-year, my life has remained largely defined by:

A pair of irksome Negatives:
1) I have not yet managed to sell the old house (which is preposterously underpriced).
2) I cannot seem to get people to pay me for my writing (which is also probably somewhat underpriced).

Overwhelming Positives:
1) My days are filled with love and laughter that completely dwarf the negatives above, so I remain quite happy.
2) Smaller things (regular gaming, D's job at the library, our new house) are also sources of happiness.

So basically, I am happy with my life but worried about money looking future-wards.

Problem Solvers ...ish (I have a new podcast!)

My old friend Lex and I have launched a new humorous advice podcast called:

Problem Solvers ...ish

We've just posted our fifth episode, so you can follow that link to hear us solve listener problems ranging from racism to dick pics. And we'd especially love if you have any problems for us to solve, if you click through on the site and leave us an anonymous voice message online with your problem for us to use in a future episode. Don't leave your name, because we want to play the voice message on the podcast. Truth be told, our queue of listener messages is now empty, so it would be awesome to have that not be the case when we go to record next week.

Do please feel free (encouraged, even!) to share the link with your friends and acquaintances who might enjoy such a thing.

Topic for discussion - Mutual acquaintances

Posting here instead of Facebook because I'm not about vaguebooking into Facebook drama. But while Facebook recently may have spurred this post, I've had the issue pop up repeatedly over the past 15 years at least.


You have an acquaintance named Ivanna whose company you find generally pleasant. Although you are not super-close, you gravitate towards her at parties to chat.

Another acquaintance of yours Alex, tells you that in fact Ivanna is TERRIBLE, insofar as Ivanna has definitely been terrible to Alex in the past.

What's your move?

*Avoid inviting Alex and Ivanna to the same parties, but otherwise don't get involved at all. It's not really your business, and Ivanna has always been perfectly friendly to you.

*Start disassociating yourself from Ivanna, because a friend says she's sort of awful.

*Launch a low-key investigation by seeing what other people who know Ivanna think of her.

*Some other thing.

Possible answer-changing factors:
*Maybe you are closer to and have a longer relationship with Alex (or Ivanna).

*Maybe you have many friends who love Ivanna's company.

*Maybe Alex isn't the first person to say that Ivanna can be mean behind closed doors.

*What is Terribleness? (A single horrible incident vs. repeated infractions)(unnecessary rudeness vs. racist comment vs. screwing things up for a job opportunity vs. anything physical)

Happy New Year!

It's a great time to be alive and not dead! Happy new year to everyone reading this, even if I just saw you at New Years because that was fun. I am pretty excited about life.

Naturally, there are sub-optimalities, ranging from my lack of income to my annoying neighborhood to my recent re-acquisition of the post-nasal drip I had in mid-December.

But things are mostly glorious! I got to see lots of friends over the past few weeks, and I am in love, and I have not one but TWO new creative collaborations coming up with friends, which excites me very much. I have many talented friends, and was remarking to someone over New Years what a neat thing it is to occasionally see my friends "Voltron up" -- e.g. when one friend writes a musical piece using another friend's poetry to be performed by a chorale conducted by a third friend. Totally awesome!

Well, in 2016 I am starting a comedy podcast with one old friend, and co-writing a musical with another one. As neither of said friends are Williams-connected or local-connected people, nobody reading this knows them. But still, I am pretty excited. By February, I should have a podcast available for people to listen to. And by May, I should have a musical for which I co-wrote the lyrics playing at the Orlando Fringe Festival. And by thunder, I'm pretty chuffed about it.

Ramblin' across Western Mass

the_star_fish has been heroically taking her free days off of work to drive me all over Western Mass. You can get a vague sense of how that goes in my most recent column.

I should probably write some new jokes, since I'm hosting a comedy open mic on the 15th and then apparently the entertainment for a Halloween party later in the month. My problem is that the jokes I find funniest tend to be funny only to me, and occasionally Debbie. Example: On our road trips, every time we entered Hadley, I said in my best Harvey Korman impression, "It's Hadley." As this is not funny to anyone who isn't a Blazing Saddles fan, and doesn't really translate to print, I couldn't put it in my column. But it made us laugh. And much as I enjoy performing comedy for a room full of people, sometimes the most rewarding thing is to make one person you love laugh a lot.

I don't mean to post so much about being happy and in love; I could also mention my back has hurt somewhat of late and my lack of income remains a looming issue.

8th Annual Alphabetic Boardgaming Challenge!

Yep, once again we're taking a few days to play 26 boardgames, one for each letter of the alphabet! You can watch Debbie tweet it with pictures @StarfishKnits, and/or watch me geeklist it with write-ups and bad puns at BoardGameGeek.

We just finished playing Kingdom Hearts CCG, and now Debbie's considering whether we are playing Lord of the Rings: the Duel next, or something more classic like Louis XIV.

This is my favorite thing.


For those of you unfamiliar with WordXWord, it is my favorite open-to-the-public thing in the Berkshires.* They do events year-round, but the culmination is always a week-long festival in August. This year it's from the 16th-22nd, and as always, if you live or visit in or near the Berkshires, I highly recommend it. The visiting poets are always phenomenal (Past performers include Taylor Mali, Anis Mojgani, and Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz). If you have spare cash but no spare time, you can donate to them on the site as well, but you are seriously missing out if you do not show up at the festival, and it is all entirely free.

Tonight I secured myself a spot in the story slam semifinals by telling a story about squirrelhaven which happened roughly a decade ago. If you are interested, the basic story is told here. There are also two more storyslam qualifying rounds over the next two weeks (details at wxw365.org) in case anyone (bayleaf? galorette?) wanted to go tell stories there or just watch. I won't be at those, but I will be showing up for as much of the August festival week as possible.

*(My friends, naturally, remain my favorites overall.)